Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Picture Polish - Tailfeather and polish haul from Poland.

Today I want to show you a pretty polish.

Tailfeather is a beautiful mint green polish with micro scattered holo glass flecks from Picture Polishes Collaboration collection. This one is a collaboration with the talented blogger Kayla Shevonne.

It's a really pretty polish, but I had some trouble with the formula which was quite thin and made it a little annoying to put on. Furthermore it took 4 coats to get opaque, which also made the drying time long. I'm just not a big fan of polishes like this even though I love the color, that just wasn't enough for me, so I found it a new owner.

Anyway here it is with top coat in natural light.

What do you think?

Application: 6/10
Opacity: 4/10
Colour, prettiness: 9/10
Value for money: 6/10
Overall: 6,5/10
Buy again: Probably not.

Polish Haul from Poland

This weekend we were in Poland for our best friends wedding and of course I had to shop a bit. They had a mall there that was just heaven for a polishaholic like me *yay*

Here is the whole haul.

Let's take a closer look:

In a Douglas shop at Focus Mall I found Essense at 6.99 PLN a piece.

From left to right: Free Hugs, Here's My Number, Party Princess, Hello Marshmallow, Space Queen & Break Through.

In Focus Mall there was booth in the middle of the hallway with Golden Rose polishes. Oh there were soooo many different that it was difficult to just pick a few, but the hubby didn't think I should buy to many, so I got these 6. I picked a bit of different sorts. The frosted bottles look really cool! Prices was from 7.90 to 12.90 PLN

From left to right: 207, 30, 119, 26, 311 & 327.

In the city center there was a Rossmann shop that I had to try and they had a LOT of nail polishes from different brand, from brands we know in Denmark to a few that was Polish. This brand Lovely should be a Polish brand. The blue one is a texture polish. Prices was 8.59 and 5,69 PLN

From left to right: 235 & 7

In a Rossmann shop in Focus Mall I found Manhattan polishes. This is a brand I know from our trips to Germany, so when I found these beautiful glitter polishes I just had to own them. These were 13.99 PLN a piece.

From left to right: Laguna Love, Jungle Gem & Violet Volcano.

In Focus Mall there was also a Inglot shop that sold the makeup brand Inglot. This seems to be one of the expensive Polish brands and I think they are real quality polishes. I was recommended to try this brand and after googling a bit I found out that their Gel Effect Top Coat is supposed to be really good at prolonging the life of your manicure, so I had to try that out aswell. I'm really looking forward to trying these!
Prices was 21 PLN for the polishes, 22 PLN for the top coat and 15 PLN for a polish thinner.

From left to right: 954, 388, 234, Gel Effect Top Coat & polish thinner.

All in all I spend 255,59 PLN on all of these. That's 454,20 DKK and $80,33. I think that's a fair price for 20 polishes, 1 top coat and a thinner.

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