About Polish 'em Pretty

About Polish 'em Pretty
This blog is mainly about my passion for nail polish, but there might slip in some personal stuff as well. Sometimes I will show you a nailpolish on its own and maybe even give you a review of it and at other times I will just be showing my nail art designs and other pretty manicures.

In september 2012 I started doing some nail art after one of my facebook friends often shared pictures of what she did. I only had 1 little lonely nail polish at that time, but my collection soon started growing and haven't stopped since. I really fell in love with the whole concept of nail polish and nail art, and one day doesn't go by where I don't have polished nails. I just love it! It's getting harder and harder to decide what to wear though as the collection grows. 

Who am I?
My name is Line. I'm 27 years old and live in Denmark with my husband.

How do I spend my days?
When I'm not putting on nail polish I'm studying service management. Sometimes I even play a little World of Warcraft if I have the time for it.

What shape are your nails?
That's very different actually. I usually have gel nails on (that I make myself), so that can vary from square to round and sometimes almond shaped. But they are usually a bit long.

How do I spend my time when my manicure is drying?
Sometimes I watch TV/movies at other times sit at my computer doing all sorts of things.

Brands: OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Chanel and A England.
Nail polish remover: I buy one that is acetone free in Lidl.
Base coat: I don't use base coat since I have gel nails on so I don't need to protect my natural nails.
Top coat: I really love China Glazes Fast Forward Top coat
Colors: Blue and Purple
Finish: Mat texture (especially OPI's liquid sand), glitter, holographic, shimmer.
Nail art (stamping, studs, rhinestones etc): I love to use it and I have a lot of it ready to use, but for some reason I don't actually use it much, mostly rhinestones and stamping. Usually I hand paint or use dotting tools, but gradient are also something I like to use. I'm really facinated by water marbling, but apparantly I'm not very good at it...

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