Saturday, 2 November 2013


Ok I know it was Halloween thursday, but I have just been swamped the last few days so I haven´t really had the time to sit down and write.

I ofcourse made a nail design for the occasion and I was actually really happy with it. It was my first time painting with acrylic paint so I really looked forward to trying it and finding out if it was easier to use that nail polish for the small stuff, and it sure was! I'm absolutely gonna use it from now on when I'm painting stuff on my nails. It was so much easier to work with not only because of the consistency but also because it doens't dry out quite as quickly as nail polish, and it doesn't use up my polishes just as fast. 

Anyway, I went for the haunted house design which ended up being very dark, but I guess thats ok for Halloween. I used a blue/purple gradient for background and on the index finger I used a black background for the head for Jack Skellington (my favorite halloween character <3 ).

And now pictures...


In the shade

From another angle

Different angle again


In sunlight

As I wrote before: I am very happy with the result of these and I think I will be doing a lot more painting of motives from now on.

I hope you all had a great Halloween!


  1. This is amazing for a first time attempt. Very well done indeed!! :)